One of the newest leathers in the market place, Tricker’s is honoured to be the only shoemaker in the world using Olivvia leather.

What is Olivvia Leather?

Developed in partnership with German tannery Weinheimer, Olivvia leather uses an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning. The olive leaves provide a completely chrome-free tanning alternative and are a bi-product of the olive industry, diverted from being burnt as a waste product, thereby avoiding the environmental impact of that process. This chemical-free leather combines the natural smell of leather with the warm undertone of olives.

For AW18, we have developed this range further by using Deer Skin uppers and sheep skin linings to produce a one hundred per cent natural veg tanned upper.

Although Deer Skin is extremely soft, do not underestimate this leather. Known in the trade as the third strongest leather around, Deer Skin is incredibly durable and will last a very long time with proper maintenance. Continue reading “AW18 OLIVVIA LEATHER DEER SKIN SHOES AND BOOTS”

AW18 Museum Calf Leather Town Shoe Collection for Men

When talking about Tricker’s footwear, most people invariably mention the Bourton heavy brogue country shoe or Stow boot.

However, for many years we have made a selection of Town shoes which are extremely popular with our London Jermyn Street shop customers and discerning gentlemen from across the globe.

For AW18, we have launched four new styles for our Town Collection in Museum Calf Leather.

What is Museum Calf Leather?

This high-quality leather is distinctive by its beautiful variations in dark and light patterns. Museum Calf is created by hand, when a sponge is used to frame the marble, mottled effect while the hide is still wet. The result gives a soft tanned background with a darker front base. The smooth finish is extremely durable and hard-wearing. As you can imagine, no two pairs look the same, making them extremely unique. Continue reading “AW18 Museum Calf Leather Town Shoe Collection for Men”

SS18 Flexi Welt Suede Footwear Collection for Men

Among some circles, owning a pair of suede shoes or boots gives you an air of sophistication or decadence. In all likelihood, this relates to the added care and attention they require over their leather counterparts.

Obviously, all footwear deserves a good level of maintenance, which the dedicated shoe lover is not shy of bestowing, especially upon their treasured Tricker’s. Continue reading “SS18 Flexi Welt Suede Footwear Collection for Men”

SS18 Funchal Leather Collection for Men and Women

For SS18, we have given our iconic Bourton brogue for men, Ava Penny Loafer and Anne brogue for women a new and lighter look.

For decades, the men’s heavy country brogue has been our best-seller. Wanting to keep this style fresh, we have launched the Bourton in Funchal burnished leather. The shoe is then finished on a lighter weight Vibram Gumlite coloured sole.

The ladies collection is finished on the classic leather sole. Continue reading “SS18 Funchal Leather Collection for Men and Women”

Kudu Reverse Suede Collection for Men

Following the success of our Kudu full grain leather shoe and boot collection for men, Tricker’s has introduced a Kudu Reverse suede range.

What is Kudu?

African Antelope Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus Strepsiceros) – or more commonly known as Kudu, is indigenous to a variety of African countries. The hide is a natural by-product of this meat industry.

What is Reverse Suede?

A lot of shoemakers use split suede. This is the skin left after removing the full grain leather.

Reverse suede is also known as full grain suede. This is where the full grain leather and skin of a hide is left intact. The flesh side is the suede. Continue reading “Kudu Reverse Suede Collection for Men”

SS18 Rambler Shoe and Boot Collection for Men

When talking about Tricker’s footwear, most people invariably mention the Bourton heavy brogue country shoe or Stow boot.

However, for many decades we have designed an array of different styles to suit all seasons and weathers.

While exploring our archives, we recently rediscovered a summer rambler shoe. Evoking a wholesome atmosphere of camping, hiking and outdoor picnics, this particular range was a best-seller in the 1950s and 60s.

Reissued in the late 70s and early 80s, the style eventually disappeared, until now. Continue reading “SS18 Rambler Shoe and Boot Collection for Men”

Bookbinder SS18 Collection for Men and Women

In a previous Journal post we talk about the importance of maintaining momentum in the ever-changing world of fashion and footwear.

While we want to add new designs and finishes, we realise the importance of staying true to the Tricker’s reputation for outstanding manufacturing and quality.

Known as the shoemaker for quality country shoes and boots, we look for ways to update our core styles. One route is to search for unique leathers or different finishes which will breathe new life into iconic ranges. Continue reading “Bookbinder SS18 Collection for Men and Women”

Tricker’s Classic 4444 and 4497 Shoe and Boot Lasts

Joseph Tricker founded R.E. Tricker in 1829. To set the scene from a historical perspective, that same year saw Robert Peel establish London’s first uniformed police force, whilst in America, Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech. Louis Braille invented his system of finger-reading for the blind and Queen Victoria’s ascent to the throne was still eight years away.


Joseph saw the birth of the modern world, a time for great enlightenment, learning and social reforms. This was the world in which the first retail orders for Tricker’s shoes were secured.

One of the longest established shoemakers in England, Tricker’s is still a family owned business stretching across five generations.  All our footwear is made entirely from start to finish in our Northampton shoe factory and His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, awarded Tricker’s a Royal Warrant in 1989.  Continue reading “Tricker’s Classic 4444 and 4497 Shoe and Boot Lasts”