Leather Focus: C-Shade Tan

Leather Focus: C-Shade Tan

This month we're focussing on our C-Shade Tan. C-Shade Tan is a colour that harks back to our heritage. Traditionally, Tans came in shading levels starting from A to H.  C-shade is the tone we adopted way back in 1926 and incorporated into the original Tramping Boot.

All of our traditional country shoes and boots are available in this colour. It's a very flat tone, with a matted lustre that is unusual to most leathers - a must have for any shoe collector

It’s a light brown colour with orange undertones as can usually be seen on the shell of a hazelnut.


Our C shade leather requires a high-level substance (the thickness) only achievable from the hides of heavier and older animals - our C-shade shoes and boots are made using sustainably sourced Bull’s hides. The result is a really robust leather that wears in beautifully and can really stand the test of time.

This leather is Chrome tanned and the properties of this leather have a high degree of water repellence.  Due to the particular way the leather is finished out you will not be able to get your footwear to shine like an aniline calf.

From the outset Tricker’s had a reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality and durability quickly becoming the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes to farm, estate owners and the landed gentry who all swore by the comfort, strength, durability, and practicality of Tricker’s country footwear.

Keswick in c-shade tan

The colour C shade remains an agricultural first choice but also quintessentially Trickers. It is created to look fantastic for a long time.

Our C shade leather is resoundingly unique and woven into our history and as individualistic as our customers.

Caring for C-Shade Tan Leather

  • First, insert your shoetrees and brush your shoes to remove any dirt or dust
  • Once your cream has rested and absorbed, brush your shoes to remove excess
  • You can then proceed to apply your matching colour wax; this will give your shoes are lovely shine finish.
  • Dab your cotton chamois and rub the wax in circular motions through your shoes. Let the wax set for a few minutes and brush.

Our shoeroom uses an Oak brown cream and then a mid-tan polish.

Due to the leather's water repellent properties, rainwater and small puddle splashes should not have any detrimental effect on your footwear however if they do become wet let them dry naturally before you try to repolish.

To find out how to care for all of your Tricker's shoes, visit our brand new Care page.