Barry Jones

Barry Jones

How long have you worked at Tricker’s?

36 years.

Based in the Northampton shoe factory, I oversee and manage every single order. This is from design concept through to the finished footwear, not only for our own creations, but this also includes those made exclusively for our collaboration customers. This will involve orders for our London Jermyn Street shop, website, wholesale and independent retailers.

Because of the nature of Tricker’s footwear, most orders are still made-to-order designs. Each customer could request a different eyelet, sole, lace, leather etc. which means our systems are still mainly managed by hand.

The industry has changed greatly since I began in the 80s. Most footwear in our factory was brown or black and predominately country styles. Made for working and heavy-duty wear. Nowadays, people want footwear for casual and fashion purposes.

Tricker’s has always had the edge over our competitors with flexibility. You can always tell a Tricker’s shoe or boot, but we are able to embrace and adapt our core styles, like the Bourton brogue shoe or Stow boot, by mixing the old with the new. Over the last few years, we have introduced different finishes such as Kudu leather and more recently, Olivvia leather.

Tell me a little about yourself?

Northampton born and bred. I have family who work in other shoe factories including Barkers and Church’s. In my own time I have a great passion for fly fishing, motorbikes and my dogs.

What makes you proud about working for England’s oldest shoemaker?

Seeing a design completed from start to finish. I get great satisfaction working with old and new machines, seeing new ideas flourish within an old establishment, seeing young people working with older craftspeople.

Which is your favourite Tricker’s shoe or boot and why?

I am very proud to have my own shoe last. I designed a plain Oxford shoe in black lizard skin which I was able to partly make myself.

What has been your biggest highlight working at Tricker’s?

The Royal Warrant for HRH The Prince of Wales is extremely important to me. It has been a great honour to meet him in person and to look after the making of his personal collection of footwear.