Types of Sole

Discover the story behind every single one of the soles we use in our iconic footwear. From commando to ridgeway and dainite you will discover how they are constructed and part of our range of shoes and boots.

Commando Sole
Our original country boot sole, these full rubber soles take a bit of breaking in, but they provide excellent durability and grip across all terrain - particularly in the countryside.
Crepe Sole
These are made from gum. A traditional sole that provides comfort and natural shock absorbency.
Dainite Sole
First designed in 1910, this is a rubber sole with large studs that provide grip - whilst not so traditional, they do provide good all-round grip and durability for most surfaces.
Double Leather Sole
Double leather soles are stiffer, wear much longer with more visual weight. It has an extra layer of leather making or a double layer of leather making it more comfortable to walk when you are walking on an uneven surface.
Ridgeway Sole Tricker's
It is a hard-wearing rubber sole characterised by protruding lugs and large ridge channels that offer great traction and stability. Ridgeway soles are more lightweight than commando soles but are thicker than Dainite boot soles and have a slightly raised profile.
Single Leather Sole
Single leather soles are lighter, have a slimmer silhouette and are more flexible. Single leather soles are sleek and elegant and are the best choice for classic dress shoes.
Ultra Flex Sole
Tricker’s Ultra-flex shoes have been designed with unlined uppers combined with our unique single Ultra-flex leather soles to provide flexible, slipper-like comfort but without any compromise on quality or durability.
vibram sole
These are moulded rubber soles that are light in weight and offer excellent comfort, enhanced mobility and shock absorption.