Dainite Sole

First designed in 1910, this is a rubber sole with large studs that provide grip - whilst not so traditional, they do provide good all-round grip and durability for most surfaces. Dainite products have been produced since 1894 in Market Harborough, England, near Northampton

The Dainite studded sole is one of the most widely known and used products, with its original design as valid today as it was in 1910. It provides grip and comfort in all conditions while not attracting or storing dirt as there are no cleats or heavy grooves to hold it. 

A Dainite sole is made from non-marking materials and reinforced with Silicon and Aluminium which are coloured as required to make a strong, durable sole.

The Dainite company is committed to quality and a founding member of the RAPRA (Rubber & Plastics Research Association) and a member of SATRA (Shoe & Allied Trade Association).