Read about the high-quality leathers we use in all of our products.

Aniline Leather
Our aniline leathers are sourced from within Europe using European hides. The term aniline means that very little finish is applied to the grain.
Different colours of Bookbinder
The high shine rub off Bookbinder effect is a coated treatment applied to the leather. Apart from the black, all colours have a darker top and then a lighter shade on the base.
C Shade Leather
C.Shade originates from back in the 1960s when Trickers put together a collection of browns. The collection was shaded A to E and C was the chosen colour.
Calf Leather
Calf leather is finer grained, and lighter in weight than the hide of older cattle.
Castorino Leather
Castorino Suede is a high-quality, full reverse suede. Reverse suede - also known as full-grain suede - is better quality than split suede which some shoemakers use.
Commando Sole
Our original country boot sole, these full rubber soles take a bit of breaking in, but they provide excellent durability and grip across all terrain - particularly in the countryside.
Cordovan Leather
Cordovan is horsehide leather, made from the hindquarters of the animal and is the most non-porous leather available. The pores of a horse’s hindquarters are so dense that they are not visible to the naked eye. This makes cordovan leather incredibly water-resistant. 
Crepe Sole
These are made from gum. A traditional sole that provides comfort and natural shock absorbency.
Dainite Sole
First designed in 1910, this is a rubber sole with large studs that provide grip - whilst not so traditional, they do provide good all-round grip and durability for most surfaces.
Double Leather Sole
Double leather soles are stiffer, wear much longer with more visual weight. It has an extra layer of leather making or a double layer of leather making it more comfortable to walk when you are walking on an uneven surface.
Black Tricker's boots on grass
Environmental aspects of sustainability are energy efficiency and renewables, recycling & waste reduction, emissions (air, land, water, noise, odour), product lifecycle impact and use of local suppliers - by using local we reduce the need for extended transport and fuel usage.
Tricker's factory from birds eye view showing Northampton in the background
Economic aspects are often overlooked, and this includes good corporate governance. A business like Tricker’s needs to ensure that we remain profitable so that we can continue to trade, otherwise, it has ongoing adverse effects on our staff, suppliers, and the local community.
Funchal Leather
Funchal is a high quality, French calf leather. It has a soft texture and handle and is perfect leather when wanting to add a burnished finish to the shoe or boot.
Homemade Wax shoe
Being very traditional shoemakers, we prefer to use a natural fibre like linen.
Kudu Leather
Due to their grazing habits mainly amongst thorn trees, Kudu hide becomes scratched and scarred. These marks give the leather an inimitable character making each pair of shoes and boots unique.
Muflone Leather
Muflone is a deeply grained, yearling leather that is softened in wet drums, and then tumbled in dry drums which give it its softness and texture.
Museum Leather
This high-quality leather is distinctive by its beautiful variations in dark and light patterns. Museum Calf is created by hand when a sponge is used to frame the marble, mottled effect while the hide is still wet.
Olivvia Leather
In 2017 Tricker’s began a partnership with Weinheimer, a worldwide renowned tannery in Germany and Wet-Green, a team of tanning liquor specialists again in Germany. The partnership began as a leap of faith towards sustainably tanned leather that is genuinely the real deal.
Repello Leather
A fine nap suede made from calfskin. The hide is split and aniline-dyed to create a velvety effect on both sides of the leather.
Reverse Suede Trickers
Suede is the soft, fibrous underside of a cow’s hide. We use top quality suede which has a dense, healthy fibre structure. The leather can be quite thick, so it is split into different pieces of varying quality. We use top quality suede which has a dense, healthy fibre structure.
Ridgeway Sole Tricker's
It is a hard-wearing rubber sole characterised by protruding lugs and large ridge channels that offer great traction and stability. Ridgeway soles are more lightweight than commando soles but are thicker than Dainite boot soles and have a slightly raised profile.
Single Leather Sole
Single leather soles are lighter, have a slimmer silhouette and are more flexible. Single leather soles are sleek and elegant and are the best choice for classic dress shoes.
The Tricker's Factory from a birds eye view showing Northampton, the shoemaking capital of the world
Social aspects of sustainability focus on behaviour that impacts people, such as giving back to the local community, growing sustainability in your community or where your products are used, fair hiring standards/ employee demographics, charitable giving, and employee health & wellbeing.
Repello Leather
Suede nap is the texture of the suede and nubuck’s surface that can be felt and is created by the raised fibres of the hair.