Bookbinder Leather

The high shine rub off Bookbinder effect is a coated treatment applied to the leather. Apart from the black, all colours have a darker top and then a lighter shade on the base. During our shoeroom method, we cut back this darker top to bring the lighter shade to the surface giving a two-tone effect. This is created when polished on the mops in our Northampton factory Shoe Room giving the footwear a lustre and gleaming finish indicative of 1930s dress shoes.

Bookbinder is a Corrected Grain. At Tricker's, we source the finest corrected grain leather on the market. The break of corrected leathers is never as natural as with full grain. This break can be made worse across the vamps with ill fitting shoes. The best course of action a customer can take to look after their Bookbinder leather is to purchase shoe trees to keep the shoe in shape and polish regularly to keep the leather nurtured.