Stow County Boot - Lightweight

Style No.

About Stow

Stow is Tricker’s most iconic men’s boot. Made originally as a country boot, but now worn by men all around the world across fields and cities. The Stow Derby ankle boot is instantly recognisable for its brogue patterning synonymous to Tricker’s; with its strong, solid build and seven eyelets that make it a best selling Tricker's look.

A half bellows tongue is folded and attached to the boot to provide a watertight seal, with the storm welt providing an additional watertight seal between the shoe's upper and sole.

The lightweight Stow the classic has the classic construction but sees the removal of the through or midsole - the result once paired with a leather sole - is a boot that has traditional country appeal without the weight.

Leather Information

This lightweight Stow uses Muflone. Muflone is a deeply grained, yearling leather that is softened in wet drums, and then tumbled in dry drums which give it its softness and texture.

Our Muflone Acorn has lovely light rich autumnal tones and plenty of character. Not to be confused with Acorn Antique used across our classic ranges.

We advise using a Neutral polish to help maintain these boots.

Built to Last

As with all of our shoes and boots, each pair of Stow Boots are handmade within our Northampton factory in England by craftsmen and women using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established our reputation. There are 260 construction processes used to make each pair from start to finish.

Our story is one of uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials, are values that have been preserved and developed through five generations and are observed as resolutely today as they were in 1829. When you choose Tricker’s, you never have to choose between practicality, durability and style.

Since 1989, Tricker's has held a Royal Warrant for shoe manufacturing awarded by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.