Tricker's Town Collection

Tricker's Town Collection

From the heart of the country to the heart of the town, Tricker’s lets you boldly go in comfort and style with our classic city shoes and boots.

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The eponymous Tricker’s town shoe is as British as it gets and has a well-deserved place in every gentleman’s shoe wardrobe.

Traditional rules laid down by high society in Edwardian times, dictated that you should never wear brown shoes in town. This was the colour that a gentleman working in the city wore when he returned home, or on the weekend.

During the week he wore the eponymous Tricker’s black Derby or Oxford.

There are often two competing sides regarding the matter—those who enforce those rules and those who don’t care about them — our customers are self-assured, confident, non-conformist and independent in thought and manner.

There is a range of formality in our Town collection offering - loafers, Derbies and Oxfords - which allows discerning customers to consider the choice between our aesthetic brogueing compared to a smooth toecap.

Today, ‘rules’ about shoes and formalities have not disappeared, but have been transformed to become less strict—which again does not mean that the difference between casual and formal has disappeared, it is now the individual’s choice of style.

We pride ourselves on our experience and service, personal attention and integrity. Tricker’s reputation is built on quality, comfort and character, which matter in equal measure to our customers. Each shoe and boot is carefully crafted from the best materials to the most exacting standards.

 Tricker's Regent Town Shoe

Regent town shoe

There’s no style of footwear that defines the gentleman more than our Regent town shoe. This plain toe capped oxford is the absolute classic among Tricker’s city shoes. In black calf, with blind eyelets for greater refinement, leather uppers and linings for greater comfort, and channelled and stitched leather sole.

Tricker's Town Leather Sole

Town leather sole

Tricker’s traditionally uses a leather (hidden stitched) sole, traditionally the mark of a fine pair of handmade town shoes.

These are the most traditional sole variety - they're hard-wearing, but when they wear thin, we can easily replace to ensure your shoe is kept in the best condition. Leather is a natural product and therefore porous. You can easily maintain it with our rich leather conditioner.


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Tricker's Belgrave Town Shoe Belgrave Town Shoe

The understated elegance of the classic Belgrave toe cap Oxford shoe makes it an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, they should be paired with suiting for more formal occasions but will also dress up jeans and a shirt nicely.

A simple black or chestnut oxford is never inappropriate regardless of the event, so if you are looking for a more minimalist dress shoe, our straight toe caps are the best option.


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Tricker's Kensington Town Shoe

Kensington Town Shoe

Our Kensington semi brogue oxford shoes are another very popular option at Tricker’s since they offer greater detailing. We are rightly known as the perfecter of the English brogue look with all of our intricate brogueing detail.

This is sometimes referred to as a quarter brogue with its typically minimal brogueing along the shoe’s toe cap.

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Tricker's James Loafer

James loafer

James is a handcrafted loafer, using only the highest quality leathers. It has a rounded point which makes it very elegant. Tricker’s classic step in Penny loafer combines comfort with quiet confidence, its leather uppers and linings offer even greater refinement along with a channelled and stitched leather sole.

This shoe has the bespoke look of a much more expensive shoe, accentuated by the apron detailing, delicate hand burnishing and fine stitching. Another of the Tricker’s essentials that every gentleman should own.

Our range of beautifully crafted range of men’s Town shoes was first introduced in the 1920s and they have proved to be extremely popular for both country and city gentlemen alike. Tricker’s footwear has a justifiably high reputation for quality, the company having received a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales  (since the 14th century, the title has been a dynastic title granted by the king or queen to the heir apparent) who granted the company his Warrant for Shoemaking over 30 years ago in 1989.

As with all our shoes and boots, each pair of Town shoes are handmade within our Northampton factory in England by craftsmen and women using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established our reputation.

Tricker's Factory in Northampton

The Factory – Northampton England

Our uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials are values that have been preserved and developed through five generations and are observed as resolutely today as they were in 1829. From those early beginnings, exacting standards in craftsmanship, unrivalled attention to detail and the use of only the highest quality materials have resulted in the unique reputation that Tricker’s enjoys today.

There are over 250 different operations in the construction of a pair of Tricker’s shoes. While traditional manufacturing processes have changed over time, our commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality has remained the same.  It takes dedication, motivation and many years of training to become a shoemaker. Many of the skills are passed down through generations. Our shoes are as individual as their owners and many other brands have tried to imitate their style.


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When you choose Tricker’s, you never have to choose between practicality, durability and style. When you find out who you are, you become a Tricker’s man and will never forget buying your first pair from the oldest shoe company in England.

Tricker's Founder Joseph Tricker

Our founder, Joseph Tricker (1810 -1879)

Always built to last, your treasured Tricker's start their lives being made by hand on a last. and so, it is fitting that, with care and repair, they can last you a lifetime. We often find ourselves repairing, resoling or reheeling shoes that are more than 50 years old and we offer this service by post to anywhere in the world. And we ourselves have lasted since 1829 as a five-generation family-owned shoemaker.

How to care for your Tricker’s Town Shoes

  • Remove dirt or marks with a clean cloth.
  • Use a neutral polish then buff with another clean cloth.
  • Use wax polish to weatherproof protection.
  • Keep your footwear in their shoe bags provided to prevent damage.
  • Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.


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