Tricker's Construct - Wychwood Released

Tricker's Construct - Wychwood Released

It’s ready! The Wychwood Logger Boot is now available for you to purchase at £495 - exclusive only to 

Sitting in our archives is pattern No: 783, for the Wychwood; designed and made for our famous boot last 4497S.  

Made exclusively for our website using Horween Chamois leather in Navy, Fudge and Black, the Wychwood is a beautiful boot with robust construction, ideal for outside working and walking.  

Tricker's Wychwood Logger Boot 1

Wychwood Logger Boot in Fudge Chamois Leather

Chamois is the original oiled nubuck and a Horween classic. The velvety snuffed grain of the Suede base is generously nourished with a rich blend of natural oils to create a rich, oily feel and a natural look.

The heavily oiled finish creates a protective barrier against the elements.  It's an extremely low maintenance leather that requires very little aftercare and is typically comfortable straight from the box.

Originally designed to be worn by workers in the logging and forestry industry, they are used to work through forests, brush, woodland, and other types of undergrowth, and even to aid in any climbing needed.

Tricker's Wychwood Logger Boot Black

Wychwood Logger Boot in Black Chamois Leather

We listen to feedback from our valued customers, and logger boots are  a popular choice for farmers all over the world. When you are subjected to consistent wet and uneven terrain it’s important to have a pair of boots that you can trust, and that’s wher the Wychwood comes in. With the Wychwood you’ll be easily able to take on the mud and muck common in animal pens, open fields and farmland.

Wychwood uses our famous Goodyear Welt construction, which is the most durable way to build a boot. A natural Barbour Welt is used to stitch the midsole, the boot upper, the insole, and the outsole together, making this boot durable and moisture resistant. All Heavy-duty boots need to be built in this way.

The Black Ridgeway sole is a hard-wearing rubber sole characterised by protruding lugs and large ridge channels that offer great traction and stability. Ridgeway soles are more lightweight than commando soles but are thicker than Dainite boot soles and have a slightly raised profile.

Tricker's Wychwood Logger Boot Navy

Wychwood Logger Boot in Navy Chamois Leather

With a tonal stitch, six brass eyelets, leather built-in pull tab and a natural edge finish, and a spare brown/yellow lace included, these boots are not just built for the job, but also eye-catching in their appeal - equally suitable for smart-wear if required..

Wychwood is an excellent all-purpose sole and performs well in nearly every condition.


Tricker’s ConsTruct is our brand new web-exclusive range, that is only available able to purchase through