Telling the Story of Tricker's

Telling the Story of Tricker's

We've been learning our craft for over 193 years, but we are still applying the same principles of construction and manufacture and care as we always have done. Our values haven't changed and our intention is to make the very best and highest quality footwear that you can buy. 

We’ve recently been working with talented, local filmmaker, James Ward in bringing the history of Tricker’s, and our message, to life.

“Tricker’s is a relatively undiscovered gem” says Martin Mason, Tricker’s MD, “our history is such an attractive element, both in terms of how the products look and the story behind every pair. As we all move forward as consumers, a considered purchase is based on what is individually important, and people want to understand a brand’s values.” 



We were impressed by local filmmaker, James Ward's work and he's helped to bring our story to the screen.

"It has been really interesting and a pleasure to work with Tricker's; it's rare to come across an artisan, luxury brand that still places importance on traditional values and processes. I have really enjoyed documenting this unique and vital part of Northamptonshire's heritage and British shoemaking on the world's stage" says James.

This video is just the first in our exciting new series, where we’ll be looking at our construction process in-depth, a series of after-care videos, showcasing our top products like the ever-popular men’s Bourton and women’s Anne, and an insightful interview between Tricker’s MD Martin Mason and fashion designer Patrick Grant as they discuss the importance of sustainability.  

You can see more of our videos on our YouTube account, or find out all sorts about Tricker’s, our rich heritage and all about shoes and shoemaking on our brand new resource; the Trickerpedia.