Sustainable Leather Women's Boots

Sustainable Leather Women's Boots

From the heart of the country to the heart of the town, Tricker’s lets you step out boldly in comfort and style with two classic Women’s Dealer Boots (also known as Chelsea Boots), Silvia and Paula, in Olivvia Deerskin leather.

A Dealer boot is the easiest style to wear with everything in your wardrobe. Great with jeans, dresses and skirts, it is usually the one item in your wardrobe you can guarantee you’ll get a lot of wear out of during the colder months.

Thanks to their timeless shape and design, these simple yet sophisticated boots are a must-have for women of all ages and preferences.

These boots have become one of the most popular styles of ankle boot Tricker’s has sold in the past few years.  It’s easy to see why — their simple yet sleek design makes them extremely versatile. They can be worn with virtually any style of clothing from casual wear to tailored suits

Whether a casual weekend look or dressing up for a semi-formal function, these boots are an excellent choice.

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The inventor of this style of boot was Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, who designed it in the mid-18th-Century.  Her Majesty had requested a pair of boots without laces that she could wear while riding.

The nickname "Chelsea boots" came into the picture thanks to their popularity in London and their association with the King's Road, a street in the London borough of Chelsea. These days, Dealer or Chelsea boots are beloved by all, and have become an essential footwear style everyone should own.

Silvia and Paula are constructed as a classic Dealer boot, evolved by Tricker’s over the years as desirable walking boots. They are handmade from the softest high-quality Olivvia Deerskin leather, with a rich patina that only improves with age. These boots are superbly comfortable.

Tricker’s reputation is built on quality, comfort, and character, which matter in equal measure to our customers. Each boot is carefully crafted from the best sourced materials to the most exacting standards.

We have chosen to manufacture these iconic boots in our own exclusive Olivvia Deerskin, which is amazingly supple and soft to the touch, and also extremely strong and hard-wearing. Once they are on your feet you don’t want to take them off, feeling like they have had years of wear.

Although Deerskin is extremely soft, do not underestimate this leather. Known in the trade as the third strongest leather around, Deerskin is incredibly durable and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance

Our Olivvia leather uses an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning.


Olive Leather


The olive leaves provide a completely chrome-free tanning alternative and are a bi-product of the olive industry, diverted from being burnt as a waste product, thereby avoiding the environmental impact of that process. This chemical-free leather combines the natural smell of leather with the warm undertone of olives.

  • Silvia features iconic Tricker’s brogue detailing, two elastic side panels and tabs to ensure they easy to get on and off
  • Paula is a plain side elastic Chelsea boot and looks just the way a pair of Tricker’s should: a strong side profile and the perfect boot for when you want to let the leather speak for itself.

Both are built on a Tricker’s storm welt; this ensures there is a waterproof seal between the upper and sole, guaranteed to keep your feet dry

Tricker's Paula boot in Black Olivvia deerskin

Paula in Black Olivvia deerskin

Always Built to Last – all Tricker’s boots start their life being made by hand on a last. and so, it is fitting that, with care and repair, they can be a wardrobe staple and last for years. Tricker’s last number 6230 is one of our very most popular, dictating the overall shape, proportion, fit and unique character of our Silvia and Paula dealer boots.

Last 6230 store

The size (length fitting) of Tricker's women's footwear made on this last is true to a regular UK size. We often find ourselves repairing, resoling or reheeling shoes that are more than 50 years old; we offer this service by post to anywhere in the world

We have used a Vibram Vi-Lite sole to give a rugged commando sole look whilst being extremely lightweight and cushioned. Ideal for working on your feet & taking long walks in the park or countryside, or on the beach.

Vibram Vi-Lite sole

Our Dealer boots are designed to cover the ankle. The additional protection that this provides is one of the reasons why these low-cut boots are quite popular with hikers, horse riders, and tradesmen and should always have rounded toes. 

As with all our boots, each pair is handmade within our Northampton factory in England by craftspeople using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established our reputation


The Factory – Northampton England

Our uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials, are values that have been preserved and developed through five generations and are observed as resolutely today, as they were in 1829.

All our boots have a justifiably high reputation for quality, the company having received a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales who granted us his Warrant for Shoemaking over 30 years ago in 1989.

Our boots are hand-worked and finished to an exquisite quality in our world-renowned shoe room. A sock liner is expertly fitted to the boots for extra comfort. The finished pair is then cleaned, and the uppers are dressed to create a patina using our recipe blend of creams and polishes


After leaving overnight, the shoes or boots are polished and burnished by hand to give them their final distinctive lustre. Then, once they have passed a final inspection, they are laced, wrapped in cotton cloth, and packed into their box together with their Tricker’s shoe bags 

How to care for your Olivvia Deerskin dealer boots

  • Remove dirt or marks then polish with a clean cloth.
  • Once a fortnight use shoe cream to nourish the leather.
  • Once a fortnight use polish for weatherproofing. Use black for black leather and neutral for all other colours.
  • Keep your footwear in their shoe bags provided to prevent damage.
  • Use shoe trees to help maintain shape


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