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Sustainability: Repairs and Renovation

Sustainability: Repairs and Renovation

Sustainability is key for us at Tricker’s, not just the sustainability of our materials such as Olivenleder® (which you can read more about here) but also of our footwear itself. 

When you find shoes that you love, you’ll want to keep them for as long as possible. As they age, they’ll continue to change too; their patina develops, they’ll mould to your feet as you wear them and they will grow in character until you’ve got a pair of shoes or boots that is truly unique to you. Your footwear that tells a story, and carries with it the history not only of Tricker’s but the experiences that you’ve had with them. So what happens if they become damaged or worn?

Conserving and repairing, rather than simply buying something new and replacing, is at the heart of our manufacturing process, and we try to ensure that you’re getting a shoe that will stay with you for a long time when you buy from us. 


Tricker's Shoes Waiting For Repair

Tricker's Shoes Waiting for Repair

Shoe Repair: What can be done?

Almost anything! We can remove the stitching of the sole, break down the footwear, reshape it on the original last for that style, replace with a new sole of your choice, using the original materials and clean them so they look (almost) new.

There are 260 individual processes in the making of a pair of Tricker’s country boots and along with the Goodyear welt construction of Tricker’s they are designed to allow for them to be rebuilt and repaired by our experts, but the process requires the utmost in skilful craftsmanship and shoemaking experience.

It’s reassuring to know that your favourite shoes will remain with you for many years to come, and we place importance on repairing rather than replacing footwear, which feels even more crucial than ever. 

We overhaul around 100 pairs of shoes and boots a month, from all over the world, and we see all sorts of repairs come to our factory; from over-enthusiastic puppies enjoying their owner’s shoes, to just years of wear and use. Regardless of what happens, we’re able to repair shoes and boots to bring them back to (almost) as good as new, so our customers can enjoy their beloved Trickers. 

Provided the upper is still in one piece, we can attach it to a brand-new sole and welt so that it is as good as new (although many of our customers are very particular in asking us not to restore the uppers too much).

Tricker's Boots Before and After Repair

Tricker's Boots Before and After Repair

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

Lower Cost: Our customers do not necessarily need to repair their shoes to save money.  But many of them do repair, nonetheless. It is much cheaper to repair a shoe than to buy a new one. Shoes with Goodyear welt construction, in particular, are relatively easy to repair, and the beauty is that the cost of doing so is often a fraction of that of a new pair of shoes of similar quality

Improved Durability: When your favourite pair has been worn to the point that your soles start getting noticeably thin and soft spots, it’s time for an overhaul. While most non-Tricker’s shoes sold today are not made to last for much more than a season or two, proper Northampton welted constructions can normally be re-soled several times, giving them the potential to last for decades

Environmentally Sustainable: Of the 24.2 billion pairs of shoes manufactured globally every year, many of them will end up in landfill sites as there are fewer shoe-recycling centres than required. By keeping your treasured Tricker’s and repairing them you’re helping to contribute to a greener future.

Your Own Character: An old pair of Tricker’s is a unique combination of us and you, with their own patina, markings and history.

Tricker’s repairs department regularly restores shoes and boots that are more than 20 years old, so you can be sure that you’re getting real lifetime value when you purchase a pair.   

For information on how to arrange a repair and pricing, view our Repair and After Care page

Hand Stitching a Bespoke Repair

Hand Stitching on a Bespoke Repair

Founded in 1829, Tricker’s is proudly the oldest established shoemaker in Britain. Still owned by its founding family, the brand’s commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality remains wholeheartedly consistent. 

Tricker’s footwear is made entirely from start to finish at its Northampton factory and, whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, its craftspeople continue to follow the traditional techniques.