Stephen Bennett - Stitcher and Utility Worker

Stephen Bennett - Stitcher and Utility Worker

How long have you worked at Tricker’s?

Two years, although I have worked in the footwear industry for 44 years.

Tell us about yourself?

I was born and brought up in Camberwell, London. My father was a cabinet maker and we moved to Northampton when I was fourteen.

Many years ago, there was a thriving shoemaking industry in this area, so it was extremely easy to get a job. The day I left school, I got on my bike and cycled around the factories. The following day, I started my first job at George Webb & Sons.

In a week, I stitch over 200 pairs of shoes and have an extensive knowledge of stitching machines.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to restore cars.

Have you worked in other departments?

As I mentioned before, I am known at Tricker’s as ‘Utility Worker’. Because I have worked in all the departments, I can turn my hand to any machine if required.

What makes you proud to work for England’s oldest shoemaker?

Everyone here puts their hearts into making the shoes and boots. Management are good teachers and they listen. They are interested in looking after the staff.

Which is your favourite Tricker’s shoe or boot and why?

The Bourton brogue shoe for men. It’s a classic.

What has been your biggest highlight working at Tricker’s?

In my short time at Tricker’s I have been lucky to be chosen to take part in two great events. The most important was meeting HRH Prince Charles during his visit to our factory. I was also included in the recent Made in Britain BBC TV series when the programme chose Tricker’s for their shoemaking episode.