SS19 Ethan Monkey Boot and Dominic Monkey Shoe

SS19 Ethan Monkey Boot and Dominic Monkey Shoe

Do you know that after the Stow country boot and Bouton brogue shoe, the Tricker’s Ethan monkey boot is one of our most popular styles requested year after year?

Worn around the globe by trendsetters and influencers both young and old, this once humble boot has once again become centre stage in fashion.

Dating back to World War 2, Monkey Boots were worn as standard issue by the Czechoslovakian army. Their durability, practicality and the fact they were inexpensive made these boots ideal for the foot soldier.

The Monkey Boot re-emerged in the late 60s when Mods gave them a new lease of life and soon became part of their fashion stable along with the Harrington Jacket and Levis jeans. In the late 70s and 80s they were adopted by Skinheads, Punks and students.

The Collection

For SS19, we have revived the Ethan and given it a new look.

The finish is MC leather. This is a where the leather is burnished to highlight a natural look and variation in the grain. A wax finish and clear protective topcoat is applied to create a polished look.

We have introduced the Vibram® Morflex sole. Still keeping the height of the original sole, this lighter weight version offers excellent comfort, enhanced mobility and is also high shock absorbing.

To compliment Ethan, we have developed Dominic, a Monkey shoe.

SS19 Ethan Monkey Boot in Gold Side View

SS19 Ethan Monkey Boot in Naster Side View

Dominic Monkey Shoe In Acorn

Dominic Monkey Shoe In Off White


Ethan is built on our 5402R and Dominic on our W2298 last. Both are true to size.


Ethan is available in gold and naster brown MC leather.

Dominic is available in gold, naster brown and off-white in soft Funchal leather.

Made entirely in our Northampton shoe factory using Goodyear welted technology, this is the perfect collection for a more casual look.

How to care for your Ethan Monkey Boot and Dominic Monkey Shoe:

  • Remove dirt or marks then polish with a clean cloth.
  • Once a fortnight use shoe cream to nourish the leather,
  • Once a fortnight use neutral polish for shine and weatherproofing. 
  • Keep your boots in their shoe bags to prevent damage.
  • Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.

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