Sharon Morris - Supervisor for Shoe and Closing Rooms

Sharon Morris - Supervisor for Shoe and Closing Rooms

How long have you worked at Tricker’s?

Seven years.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I was born in Northampton and began working in the shoe industry 36 years ago as soon as I left school. After working in a slipper factory, I worked for a few local companies including Alfred Sargent and Grenson before moving to Tricker’s

Have you worked in other departments?

No. I have always worked in the Shoe Room. This department looks after the completed ‘raw’ shoes. We clean, polish and apply the required finish to all footwear before they are laced and boxed. However, I also perform the hand sewing for a couple of Tricker’s styles where the vamp and back quarter are difficult to sew using a machine. One of these styles is the Elton loafer.

What makes you proud to work for England’s oldest shoemaker?

After working for other companies, I can honestly say there is a different working atmosphere at Tricker’s. Everyone works together as a team. The management make you feel supported and listen.

What has been your biggest highlight working at Tricker’s?

I am sure I am not alone in saying the visit by HRH Prince Charles. We are proud to have the Royal Warrant but to spend the afternoon with him was an incredible honour. This really was a highlight for all the staff.