Olivvia Leather

Olivvia Leather

Recently we visited Wet-Green, a company who specialises in tanning agents and partners in our Olivvia project. Based near Stuttgart in Germany, Wet-Green have developed a very special tanning brew using the leaves of Olives; this brew has been patented and is named Olivenleder® (Olive Leather in English).

What is special about Olivenleder® is that it is an entirely organic brew (edible in fact) and therefore extremely clean. All waste can be used as a natural fertiliser including the leaves and leather shavings. What's more, Olive leaves are entirely sustainable, a waste product of the Olive Oil industry, millions of which fall during the Olive harvest and are traditionally burnt.

Testing the brew

Olivenleder® can be used by approved tanneries - those allowed to work with the brew must meet specific criteria set by Wet-Green and run a designated tanning line for Olivenleder® to ensure no non-organic matter contaminates the process.

Over the past couple of years, Tricker’s have been working alongside Wet-Green and world-renowned German Tannery, Weinheimer, to develop the very best leathers, those suitable to be used on Tricker’s shoes. These leathers have been named Olivvia. You will have seen our collection of Olivvia shoes continually grow since 2017 as we continue to breakthrough ensuring maximum quality, colour and substance is there.

Developing colours

During our visit of Wet-Green along with the team from Weinheimer, we tried the brew (and lived), explored the potential effect it could have on tanning and were given a tour of Wet-Green’s lab and sampling tannery where we saw some of our leather sampling taking place.

Touring the development tannery

Tricker’s continue to lead in the traceability and sustainability of the materials used to make our shoes and boots. The advances we make with Olivvia leather using Olivenleder® are extremely encouraging - it is remarkable something so beautiful can be made entirely using waste matter from the food industry.


Exploring the developing collection