Olivvia Leather - what is it?

Olivvia Leather - what is it?

If you are an avid follower of Tricker’s Shoes on Instagram and Twitter, you will have read about and seen the styles we developed this year for SS17 and AW17 in a brand new finish called Olivvia leather.

Developed in partnership with German tannery Weinheimer, Olivvia leather uses an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning. The olive leaves provide a completely chrome-free tanning alternative and are a bi-product of the olive industry, diverted from being burnt as a waste product, thereby avoiding the environmental impact of that process. This chemical-free leather combines the natural smell of leather with the warm undertone of olives.

One of the newest leathers in the market place, Tricker’s is honoured to be the only shoemaker in the world using Olivvia leather. Not only that, we have also secured a two-year deal enabling us exclusive use of this innovative leather within the footwear market. Until now, Olivvia has been used for watch straps and other leather goods, furniture, wall coverings and interior art projects.

For AW17, we have used Olivvia leather to produce the brand new 'Last 81' collection, a revival of a bespoke last originally produced in 1950 for an Austrian General. Defined by its slender shape and pointed toe, 'Last 81' lends a refined modernity to classic Tricker's styles.

Currently available in store at our London Jermyn Street shop and online, the collection features:

Fulton – Long Wing Full Brogue Derby

Fulton full brogue

Fenwick – Plain Derby Shoe

Fenwick Plain Derby Shoe Olivvia Leather

Chadwick – Golosh Brogue

Calvert – Toe Cap Golosh Boot

Toe Cap Golosh Boot Olivvia Leather

So far, production accounts for a growing percentage of Tricker’s sales with further work in progress to expand the Olivvia range with Weinheimer and jointly develop new products of suitable quality.

As England’s oldest shoemaker since 1829, Tricker’s is honoured to be at the forefront of such an exciting evolution of a new finish for the footwear industry.

How to care for your Olivvia footwear:

- Remove dirt or marks then polish with a clean cloth. - Once a fortnight use shoe cream to nourish the leather. - Once a fortnight use polish for weatherproofing. Use black polish for black leather and neutral for all other colours. - Keep your footwear in their shoe bags provided to prevent damage. - Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.

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