Melchers Partnership Announcement

Melchers Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Tricker’s and global company Melchers have signed an exclusive distribution partnership to develop the Tricker’s Brand in China Mainland and Hong Kong.

Through this partnership, Tricker’s and Melchers China will develop a multi-channel distribution business throughout these regions. The launch of the dedicated website, along with a WeChat shop, wholesale distribution and traditional retail, will create digital and physical spaces for Tricker’s customers to buy a full range of products and learn about the company’s illustrious Northampton history.

Britain is home to some of the most luxurious brands, that are hugely popular among Chinese customers. This new partnership will capitalise on China’s e-commerce market by developing the Tricker’s brand on Chinese Social media and e-commerce platforms. 

With the wealth of experience that Melchers has operating in the China market, Tricker’s will connect with the Chinese audience directly through Weibo and WeChat, offering unique experiences that will connect luxury customers’ social and online lives to Northampton’s finest welted footwear products.

Tricker's Last Rack

Martin Mason, Managing Director at R E Tricker Ltd commented:

“Digital presence is such an important part of the luxury customer journey in China, and continuing our history of exporting the very best of Northampton footwear, we wanted to develop this connection by merging social media and the store experience to capitalise on the way Chinese customers are engaging with brands. We are thrilled to be partnering exclusively with Melchers on this distribution partnership which is a step-change in our ambitions for the next phase of developing our business throughout China Mainland and Hong Kong.

Tricker’s are delighted to partner with Melchers, we both felt a strong connection to form a strategic partnership with another like-minded business.  Both companies established themselves early in the 19th century, the birth of the modern world, a time for great enlightenment, learning and social reforms. This was the world in which the first retail orders for Tricker’s shoes were secured and although separated by 200 years history, the new digital and physical marketplaces in China Mainland and Hong Kong will be just as transformational for our business.”

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Anton Melchers, CEO of Melchers China said:

“Chinese shoppers account for more than a third of the global luxury consumption today. Luxury consumption is highly influenced by domestic online touchpoints, with Chinese consumers preferring a highly curated, personalized social experience. The sophisticated consumers are looking for authentic brands with a unique history and positioning. Tricker’s shoes are known for their high craftsmanship, comfort, individuality, and premium quality.

We share Tricker’s values and vision of a long-term oriented partnership to develop the Chinese market. Melchers strives to become a leading retail service provider in the premium luxury segment in China Mainland and Hong Kong, and we are very excited partnering with such a prestigious brand like Tricker’s.”