Mike & Ripon - ConsTruct Release

Mike & Ripon - ConsTruct Release

This month, we’ve got not one, but two new and exclusive additions available to the ConsTruct range, the Ripon Derby “Field” Boot and Mike “Chukka” boot, only available through www.trickers.com. 

The Mike “Chukka” boot is in Kudu Leather, available in two colours: Camel Waxy and Bitter Choc. Classic and refined, the Chukka boot is traditional, popular and possesses inimitable character thanks to the waxy kudu leather, making each pair of boots completely unique.

Mike ''Chukka'' Camel

The Mike “Chukka” boot in Camel

The Ripon Derby “Field” Boot, also in Kudu Leather is available in two colours: Noix (yell/tan) Waxy and Flint Waxy. Known for its historical reference and unassuming in its design, the Ripon boot is outstanding in its quality and durability. The Goodyear welting, natural lining, tonal stitch and commando sole ensure they are built to last.

Staying true to Tricker's reputation for outstanding manufacturing and quality,  we aim to breathe new life into our ranges and we’ve done exactly that. We are delighted with the results and know you'll really like them too.

Mike ''Chukka'' Bitter Choc

The Mike “Chukka” boot in Bitter Chocolate

The Mike “Chukka” boot

The Chukka boot in its waxy Kudu Leather is a rare beast for good reason, there's a clash of materials and intent. Famously worn by the British Army in India and by aristocratic polo players throughout the 19th century, the chukka boot represents a rare compromise - between shoe and full-on boot - that actually works, and, what’s more, works well with tailoring and casualwear alike.

Matching the origin of the Chukka with a leather indigenous to a variety of African countries, our Kudu leather develops a rich, rugged feel. Widely known for its ruggedness and high quality, the Kudu has been used for footwear in Africa for over two thousand years, due to its unbelievably hard-wearing qualities.

The skin must be durable to cope with such intensity which is an excellent property for Tricker’s boots. The waxy kudu material is tough but surprisingly soft and supple, suitable in both warm and cold climates, making the Chukka an outstanding choice to use all year round.

Ripon Noix

Ripon Derby “Field” Boot in Noix (yell/tan)

Ripon Derby “Field” Boot

The Ripon boot teems with historical references and actually began life in the mid-19th century at Tricker’s as a ‘field boot’, designed to wear in poor weather to protect the feet of farm labourers. Even today, the Ripon boot is still going strong and thanks to its outstanding quality and durability, will remain that way for many more years to come.

This Ripon boot is purposely unassuming in its design; classic clean lines with no adornment. It’s typically ‘Tricker’s’ in its build: a half bellows tongue is folded and attached to the boot to provide a watertight seal, the welt provides a water-resistant bond between the sole and upper. A clean seven eyelet, seamless leather upper and a natural edge finish give the derby ankle boot its unmistakable, country-style look.

It’s now a go-to casual option and is very easy to wear in either a smart or casual context

In C F Stead Waxy Kudu, with leather uppers and brown commando sole, the quality of these boots is outstanding, they are built to last.

Ripon Flint

Ripon Derby “Field” Boot in Flint




Tricker’s ConsTruct is our web-exclusive range, that is only available able to purchase through www.trickers.com.