Kudu Leather - African Explorer Collection

Kudu Leather - African Explorer Collection

Maintaining momentum in the ever-changing world of fashion and footwear is not as easy as it may appear. While we want to add new designs and finishes, we realise the importance of staying true to the Tricker’s reputation for outstanding manufacturing and quality.

Known as the shoemaker for quality country shoes and boots, we look for ways to reinvigorate our core styles. One route is to search for new leathers and finishes which will breathe new life into iconic ranges such as the Stow Boot and Woodstock country shoe.

Our latest find is African Antelope Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus Strepsiceros) - or more commonly known as Kudu. 

Indigenous to a variety of African countries, they are highly praised for their meat as well as their horns and are culled regularly for export, as well as local consumption, to the benefit of local communities.

Due to their grazing habits mainly amongst thorn trees, the Kudu hide becomes scratched and scarred. These marks give the leather its inimitable character making each pair of shoes and boots completely unique.

For AW17, Tricker’s has produced the Africa Explorer collection for men. Inspired by the exploits of David Livingstone and a generation of Victorian African explorers, there are four styles available in three colours: Caramel, Polo and Sign.

Celebrating it’s 80th anniversary this year, all styles are built on the 4497S last. This is our famous country boot last which comes up generous but is true to a regular UK sizing.

To finish, we have chosen the ever-popular Dainite sole.

The Kudu Collection

Stow in Moss Kudu


Grassmere in Caramel Kudu


We have launched the iconic Bourton brogue in Kudu for AW18 in Caramel

Bourton in Kudu Sign

Bourton in Caramel Kudu

How to care for your Kudu footwear

  • - Remove dirt or marks then polish with a clean cloth.
  • - As Kudu is a natural leather, use Neutral polish only.
  • - Keep your footwear in their shoe bags provided to prevent damage.
  • - Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.

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