Improving Sustainability in the Workplace

Improving Sustainability in the Workplace

Tricker’s commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our company’s values, but sustainability is an ongoing journey, it’s not an ultimate destination. At Tricker’s we committed to ensuring that we continue to grow and improve all of our sustainability efforts, but it’s important for us that we had the right information and support to ensure that our journey is a success.

That’s why we’ve been working with Envertis for the past eight years, as our sustainability and environmental advisor. Envertis has been supporting us through two renewal cycles of the Royal Warrant - an increasingly demanding process including the completion of a sustainability survey created by Business in the Community - of which His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales is the Royal Founding Patron.

Tricker's has been extremely honoured in receiving their Royal Warrant and has been a supplier to His Royal Highness for over thirty years.

“When I started with Tricker’s I saw they were doing a lot of things well already, but there was a lot we could help with, and they were able to make some changes quite quickly,” says Richard Ansell, owner of Envertis.

Through a series of initiatives, we developed an environmental management system, set environmental objectives, and put into place actions that could help us meet these goals.

For example, together we’ve worked on improving our recycling across the factory when initially we only had one general waste skip. We’ve also improved the efficiency of the lighting in our rooms such as the Clicking Room and improved our energy wastage with our heating system through tracking and monitoring heat usage.

It’s also about ensuring that our staff are trained and given the tools that they need to ensure they’re committed to sustainable processes from the start. We’ve worked with Envertis to update job descriptions and provide better communication in our company handbooks and training to make sure that all of our staff know the value of everything that we do. This is important for us at every level, from factory floor worker to Managing Director, everyone understands the importance of our sustainability journey.

“I am proud to have supported Tricker’s over the years and the Royal Warrant award is just a reward for the team’s efforts and commitment,” says Richard, and we’re very proud also.


What is Sustainability

For Tricker’s, sustainability consists of three pillars: social, environmental, and economic.

Social aspects focus on behaviour that impacts people, such as giving back to the local community, growing sustainability in your community or where your products are used, fair hiring standards/ employee demographics, charitable giving, and employee health & wellbeing. We employ local workers, which reduces transport miles, we use local suppliers wherever we can, and we try to ensure that we’re continuing to grow the local community.

Environmental aspects are energy efficiency and renewables, recycling & waste reduction, emissions (air, land, water, noise, odour), product lifecycle impact and use of local suppliers - by using local we reduce the need for extended transport and fuel usage.

Applying Cork to a Tricker's Shoe

Product lifecycle is also important because it includes manufacture, customer use and end-of-life disposal. Tricker’s are built to last and can be repaired and refitted for across your lifetime without the need to replace a whole shoe and cuts down on wastage.

The economic pillar is often overlooked, and this includes good corporate governance, profit but not at the expense of the other pillars. A business like Tricker’s needs to ensure that we remain profitable so that we can continue to trade, otherwise, it has ongoing adverse effects on our staff, suppliers, and the local community.


What next?

We continue to do our best to improve our sustainability processes and procedures across all of Tricker’s, and we’re always looking at how we can do even better. We know that we won’t get it right every time, but we will continue to try to achieve the best outcome that we can.

If you’ve got any suggestions, we’re always happy to hear them, and we’re always open to new ideas and methods of working that could help us on our sustainability journey.

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To find out how Envertis can help your business call Richard on 07925 160902 or e-mail