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Fits & Measures

Fits & Measures

At Tricker’s, we are proud to offer iconic footwear that has travelled all four corners of the Earth, and still is to this day. Each pair of shoes and boots are handcrafted with a true labour of love, skill, attention to detail and a great deal of patience. Iconic all around the world, the chances are you aspire to own a pair yourself. If you’re looking to become part of the Tricker’s family, or already are, we have created a new video which explains how to accurately measure your feet, with help from our Master Shoemaker, Adele.


In this handy video, Adele explains how you can measure your feet so you can determine your Tricker’s shoe size using our size guide. 

To get started you’ll need: 

  • A sheet of paper that fits the size of your foot, 
  • A thin pen or pencil 
  • A ruler or a tape measure.

Adele explains ‘’ideally you should measure your feet in the middle of the day, wearing a thin pair of socks. Make sure you stand upright and your weight is distributed evenly through both feet. It’s important for the person measuring them to keep the pen or pencil vertical and don’t forget to measure both of your feet.’’

The next and final step is ‘’you need to measure the length and width, You measure the length from going from the middle of the heel to the end of the longest toe. Then to measure the width, measure from the leftmost extreme to the rightmost extreme. These extremes will normally be your foot joints. Write down your measurements in millimetres. Remember to measure both feet and use the largest length and largest width so that you can find your size using the Trickers size guide’’.

Once you have your measurements and determined your Tricker's size, you can start to use the size guide to pick your perfect pair of Tricker’s. If you need help, we have created a video on how to use use the Tricker's Men's Size Guide and how to use the Tricker's Women's Size Guide.

If you need help, you can contact Tricker’s at to speak with our team.