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Anne Brogue Shoe

Style No.

The perfect choice for a brisk walk. Heavy brogue Derby shoe with bellows tongue and storm welt to make it weathertight, and leather linings and leather uppers for comfort and support. In Acorn Antique calf with a double leather stitched sole.

About Anne

Anne is Tricker’s most iconic women’s shoe. Made originally as a country shoe, but now worn by women all around the world across fields and cities. The Anne country brogue is instantly recognisable for its brogue patterning synonymous to Tricker’s; however its strong, solid build and four eyelets make it as recognisable, whilst by no means flashy. A half bellows tongue is folded and attached to the shoe to provide a water resistant seal, with the storm welt providing an additional water resistant seal between the shoe's upper and sole. 


Leather Information

This Anne shoe is made from Calf Leather. Calf leather is finer grained, and lighter in weight than the hide of older cattle. This means that it is also more supple. It is also very durable in comparison to its thickness.

We recommend using Fawn polish to help maintain these Acorn Anne shoes.

Built to Last

Each and every pair of Tricker's is handmade within our Northampton factory in England by craftsmen and women using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established our reputation. There are 260 processes used to make each pair from start to finish.  

Our uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials, are values that have been preserved and developed through five generations and are observed as resolutely today as they were in 1829. When you choose Tricker’s, you never have to choose between practicality, durability and style.

Since 1989, Tricker's has held a Royal Warrant for shoe manufacturing awarded by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.