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Tan Shoe Cream

Style No.


Tricker’s Shoe Cream 50ml jar.

This shoe cream should be used to nourish leather. As leather is essentially skin, shoe cream can be used as a moisturiser. Applying cream will help to stop the skin from drying out and cracking. Cream can help keep the skin supple.

Cream should always be applied before a wax - a shoe cream cannot penetrate a wax layer. You can remove old wax from shoes with a cloth.

Neutral shoe cream is a good all-rounder. If you would like to add more pigment to your leather whilst applying a moisturiser then you can use a pigmented cream. If you are happy with the colour of your footwear and would simply like to nourish the leather then you should use a neutral cream.

Because the leathers that Tricker's use are of such high quality, our leathers are very absorbent. Slowly build up moisture in the leather with cream, rather than applying too much at once. It's easier to apply products to footwear than it is to take them off again so always take your time.

A polish will sit on top of the leather, acting as a temporary barrier to the elements whilst providing some moisture to the skin. A cream will absorb into the skin and will not sit on top of the leather.

Main ingredients: carnauba - beeswax - turpentine

- Do NOT use this product on suede.
- Do NOT use this product on Bookbinder leather, it will strip the shine.
- Do NOT use too much.