R.E.Tricker has an ongoing responsibility as a manufacturing company to manage environmentally related matters and to take proper care of the environment, in so far as it impacts on its business operations and other Company-related activities.  These duties form an essential part of how we run and maintain our business.  It also reflects our support for the principle of sustainable development.

 The Company is determined to successfully manage all of its operational activities which impact the environment in a responsible manner.  R.E. Tricker Ltd. is therefore committed to achieving the following objectives.  


We will:

  • As a basic aim, comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to each element of our business process.
  • Engage with regulatory agencies, Company advisers, insurance auditors and other interested parties, as necessary in the implementation of effective environmental policies and strategies.  Where no policy exists, we will develop our own guidelines.
  • Take account of our environmental responsibility and accountability as a factor in our business strategies, planning and decision making.
  • Maintain an environmental management system, review the related impacts of our ongoing activities, set achievable and sustainable performance targets.
  • Require and expect our suppliers to cooperate with us in achieving our environmental objectives.  For our key suppliers of goods and services, environmental standards and operating requirements are, and will remain, an integral component in new contact deliberations and for all contract review and renewal discussions.
  • Monitor our business travel and consider alternatives wherever practical, i.e. teleconferencing and/or video-conferencing.
  • Adopt effective procedures to minimise waste production and to promote recycling of unused product and packaging, wherever practicable.
  • Evaluate our products and any constituent chemicals used in their manufacture in order to ensure there is minimal potential for pollution throughout the life cycle of the products.
  • Prevent discharges of any emissions to air and water.
  • Monitor our environmental performance on a programmed basis and review regularly to generate any changes required to ensure continual improvement.
  • Introduce risk control initiatives, audit these processes in order to minimise the potential for accident and emergency situations and ensure that there are effective contingency plans in place for any loss of normal control.
  • Establish objectives and targets, based upon this policy and from an analysis of the Company's current environmental performance, to promote continual environmental management improvements.


Date: 01 May 2017

Place: Northampton

Mr. M. Mason

Managing Director;



This policy is communicated to all employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the community.


Quantifiable and measurable targets are being used to achieve the EMS objectives. The top management decides on yearly targets at the beginning of each year, which is communicated to the concerned persons. Achievements are reviewed against the targets.