Trickers Selected for Great Trade Campaign


If you own a pair of Tricker’s shoes or boots, you will hopefully agree the uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and the use of honest materials, are reasons why R.E. Tricker Limited continues to be England’s oldest shoemaker.

Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, our reputation for outstanding quality and durability soon established Tricker’s as the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes for farm and estate owners and the landed gentry.

Five generations later, Tricker’s is still a family owned business. All our footwear is made entirely from start to finish at our Northampton shoe factory where 260 individual processes are used to make a pair of Tricker’s country boots that take eight weeks to manufacture.

Employing ninety skilled shoemakers, we train and develop skilled craftspeople who live and breathe shoemaking keeping this essential trade alive and kicking.

Tricker’s is also one of the few remaining English shoemakers who provides a full in-house bespoke and made to order service.

Granted a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales in 1989, this honour sealed our reputation for English-made footwear.

Over that last thirty years, export has been essential to support our growth and offer us the chance to invest in our company. From advancing our workforce to developing new footwear designs, international success has given us these opportunities.

Today, Tricker’s is now a globally recognised brand with Japan equating to thirty per cent of our export business. In fact, you can now buy Tricker’s in over 43 countries around the world.

This year, we developed a deconstructed, light weight, unlined range of shoes and boots designed to be worn in warmer weather. With the help of export, this collection has been incredibly popular in our third largest market, Italy. Without the ability to export, we would be less able to expand our designs.

The Government has set British industry a stretching export target of £1 trillion by 2020. So it is heartening to hear that UK fashion exports jumped 7% year on year to £9.1bn in 2016*.

Our belief in the importance of export is why Tricker’s is honoured to be part of the UK Government’s Department for International Trade GREAT Britain campaign – promoting British culture abroad and flying the flag for the Northampton shoe industry.


The NEW Flexi Welt Sole

Traditionally, R.E. Tricker Ltd is known as the maker of country shoes and boots. In fact, Joseph Tricker’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, designed and created the world’s first country boot in 1840 which heralded a brand new age for country footwear.

Today, the Bourton brogue and Stow boot remain the cornerstone of our business. In 2017, we still see ourselves as forerunners in the Northampton shoe industry, which is confirmed by the development and recent launch of our brand new ultra light flexi welt.

Produced with the same characteristics of a hard-wearing welted shoe, the flexi welt features the following:

      • • light weight leather sole and leather insole;
      • • cork filler;
      • • half lined;
      • • special light weight reverse Castorino calf suede.





This deconstructed flexi shoe is thirty percent lighter than our standard country footwear. However, it remains as durable and solid as you would expect from shoes and boots produced by England’s oldest shoe maker.

Designed for footwear to be worn in warmer weather, the new flexi welt is now available on a range of new suede shoes and boots featured in our first-ever Spring/Summer collection for men.

How to care for your Castorino suede footwear:

  • – For Mud Stains: use a wire suede brush when the mud is dry.
  • – For other stains: Scotch Brite is very good at removing most stains, but excessive cleaning may cause permanent damage.
  • – Castorino suede has a very soft nap. Watch our videos to see how to brush and care for suede.
  • – Use the correct type of soft shoe brush.
  • – Keep your footwear in their shoe bags to prevent damage.
  • – Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.


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Ethan: Tricker’s Monkey Boot

Introducing Trickers Ethan Monkey Boot. Did you know the history of the humble Monkey Boot dates back to World War 2? Worn as standard issue by the Czechoslovakian army, their durability, practicality and the fact they were inexpensive made them the ideal boot for the foot soldier.

After disappearing for a couple of decades, the Mods gave them a new lease of life in the 60s and 70s. The Monkey Boot soon became part of their fashion stable along with the Harrington Jacket and Levis jeans. In the late 70s and 80s they were adopted by Skinheads, Punks and students.

We have been making our own version of the Tricker’s Monkey Boot for quite a few years. The most popular market until recently has been Japan where the desire for English apparel is very strong.

For our first-ever Spring/Summer 2017 collection, we have launched The Ethan Monkey Boot range for men. Made entirely in our Northampton shoe factory, the Ethan is available in five colours: Acorn Antique, Marron Antique, Black, White and Lollipop Red, and features a natural leather sole suitable for the warmer weather.

Now worn around the globe by trendsetters and influencers both young and old, this once humble boot has once again become centre stage in fashion.

How to care for your Ethan Monkey Boots:

  • – Remove dirt or marks then polish with a clean cloth.
  • – Once a fortnight use shoe cream to nourish the leather,
  • – Once a fortnight use polish for shine and weatherproofing. Use black polish for the Black Ethan and neutral for the Acorn, Marron, White and Lollipop Red.
  • – Keep your boots in their shoe bags to prevent damage.
  • – Use shoe trees to help maintain shape.

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